What is it like to bike on the Oro Valley/Tucson Loop?

The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop is the greatest and most famous “loop” bicycle path system in all of North America. Cyclists, from pros to the novice, enjoy the clean, fast, smooth black top. And everyone enjoys Tucson cycling on our 130 mile plus car-free bike path. The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop is considered by many as the world’s greatest shared use/bike path system.

While bicycling is probably the most common use of Oro Valley/Tucson Loop, walkers, runners and horseback riders enjoy the The Loop as well.

Cyclists are advised to yield to pedestrians, to keep their speed at a reasonable level, and to announce their passing with a bell or other signal. Cyclists should ride two abreast (at most) and, as is the case with all trail users, MUST stay to the right of the center line at all times except when passing. And we advise cyclists to announce when they are passing. Use your voice. Be loud. Cyclists and road bikers need to be respectful that the Oro Valley/Tucson Loop is a shared use system for everyone.

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