Art On The Tucson Loop Trail

The Tucson/Huckelberry Loop bike trail offers a stunning array of art and sculptures to be enjoyed by all. Enjoy “El Tour de Tucson Loop Art” tour, planning your trip around your favorite sections. Check out Loop art and use our Google maps to pinpoint the location. Download our Tucson Loop PDF download/. Go to our maps section for extensive sectional, video, and animated maps. Enjoy a Tucson Loop art tour, cycling while enjoying great places to eat nearby. For all types of bike rentals including e-bikes, go to Tucson Loop Bike Rentals.

How to find Tucson Loop art:

Please use our Google Maps for exact directions. Download our PDF Tucson Art On The Tucson Loop as an “at a glance” tool. Notice each piece of art has a number that will correspond to the picture in the PDF Tucson Loop map.

Canada Del Oro Trail Art

The Canada Del Oro section of The Tucson/Huckelberry Loop is the most beautiful section of The Loop with some cool art.

Julian Wash Greenway Trail Art

Julian Wash Greenway is the more desolate, wide open Loop section. Joining Hands Arch is the highlight.

Pantano River Park Trail Art

Batty Biker is perhaps the most photographed work of art on The Tucson Loop!

Rillito River Park Trail Art

Extreme Batty Biker is a playful steel sculpture of a bat on a mountain bike that showcases the role of roosting bats under the bridges along The Loop.

Santa Cruz River Trail Art

Desert Bloom and Puddles “The Great Toad” highlight some unbelievable Santa Cruz Trail Loop art and sculptures. Editor's Picks

Rebecca Moreno, Art Editor
The Tucson Loop bike trail is a 137 mile gallery of amazing art and sculptures that intrigue and enlighten novice to serious art followers. Here are some of our favorite Loop works of art.

Best Julian Wash Trail Art

Joining Hands – Loop Art Map Location 36

  • Location:
  • Artist: Chris Tanz
  • Installed: 2011
  • Why we love:
  • Overview: One of the most “selfie” taken sections of The Tucson Loop, this is a sculptural arch that spans the path, with two sculptural “greeting” figures, drawn from Hohokam pottery, on either side of the path near Kolb. The project tells a story that unfolds as walkers and bikers move through the scenery, a story of people coming together in a joint enterprise. This art is symbolic in that The Tucson Loop brings people of all walks of life together.

Best Pantano River Park Trail Art

Batty Biker – Loop Art Map Location 33

  • Location: 7650 E Broadway Blvd. (Viewing area on the bike trail at Broadway Blvd. and Pantano Wash (100′ north of Broadway)
  • Artist: Stephen Fairfield
  • Installed: 2015
  • Why we love Batty Biker: This bat on a bike pays tribute not only to the Broadway bridge where bats roost but also to the thousands of cyclists who pedal along The Loop every week. The Tucson Loop and select overpasses serves as a sanctuary to bats and wildlife.

Best Santa Cruz River Park Art

Tumamoc & the River of Life – Loop Art Map Location 48

  • Location:
  • Artists: Linda Haworth, John Lovegrove, Les Wallach
  • Installed: 1993
  • Why we love:  The colors of this sculpture really leap out at the eye. Acting as a revitalization of the area, the sculptural work made of tile, stone, and cement acts as a celebration of heritage. Artists Linda Haworth, John Lovegrove, and Les Wallach worked with community members in creating tiles with inscribed messages for future Tucsonans to come.

Rillito River Trail Best Mural

Tracks and Trails

  • Location: The mural is located on the north bank of Rillito River near Country Club Road and can be accessed from the Rio Vista Natural Resource Park located at 3974 N. Tucson Blvd.
  • Artist: Jessica Gonzales
  • Installed: 2023
  • Why we love: This vivid, colorful 4,000-square-foot “Tracks and Trails” mural featuring depictions of the fauna and flora of the Tucson Sonoran Desert is currently the largest mural in Pima County’s Public Art Collection.

Best Rillito River Race Track

Subaerial Embrace – Tucson Loop Art – 10

  • Location: Near Rillito River Trail
  • Artist:  Zach Lihatsh
  • Installed: 2021
  • Why we love: Artist Zach Lihatsh created a worthy masterpiece that ranks as a fantastic stucco, metal archway sculpture. The artist was inspired by hoodoos and rock formations near Windy Point in the Catalina Mountains. 

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