What sections of The Tucson Loop bike trail are safest?

The safest areas areas for cycling, walking and general pedestrian areas of The Tucson/Huckelberry Loop bike paths are:

The Oro Valley/CDO/Marana sections

Oro Valley and Marana are beautiful suburbs. Both cities are ranked as the safest communities in the United States. This is a very affluent and fast growing area that has become a cyclist mecca. Many people bike, run and walk at night. Santa Cruz North is excellent. Oro Valley and Marana have the best and safest bike lanes for cyclists to enjoy. Oro Valley is our country’s number one spot for cyclists to retire. Cyclists and runners use The Loop, then venture to safe streets all the time. During our warmer months, locals will use The Loop at all hours.

Bike Mechanic John Hoover of Tucson Bicycle Rentals says his patrons are thrilled with safety and cleanliness of The Tucson Loop trail.

“Our bike rental customers frequently comment and laud the city for just how safe and orderly everything is The Tucson Loop. This trails are very popular and it is important for everyone to bike in a respectful and defensive mode. We remind cyclists that this trail is for everyone.”

Central Tucson and East Tucson Loop Sections

The Rillito River section starting from Ist Avenue going straight east to Tanque Verde is very popular and safe – especially during the day. Commuters use The Loop to commute during all hours. As you venture south, getting away from the central Rillito River, there is considerably less traffic as you go out to sections such as Pantano Wash River Park, Harrison Greenway and The Julian Wash Greenway.

Can I walk on The Tucson/Huckelberry Loop?

Yes! You can walk, run, ride bikes (ebikes/electric bikes included), skate board, ride a horse, rollerblade on the incredible Tucson Loop shared use bike path system. The Tucson Loop is the number one rated USA Today’s 2022 “10Best Readers’ Choice List” for Best Recreational Trail.

While The Tucson Loop is most famous for cycling, The Loop is indeed a shared use trail that is most frequented by pedestrians, walkers and especially runners. Runners of all levels enjoy The Loop! Road cyclists are quite respectful. Runners flock to our trail because it is mostly smooth asphalt with short portions of The Loop being concrete.

The most popular areas to run and walk is the central Rillito River section as there are many restaurants, coffee-shops, hotels and plenty of things to do in Tucson. You can rent bikes on the Tucson Loop as well

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