Oro Valley/Tucson Loop founder: Who is Chuck Huckelberry?

Chuck Huckelberry is considered the leading advocate of our incredible Oro Valley/Tucson Loop. A civil engineer and the current County Administrator of Pima County, Huckelberry is a man who had an incredible vision of building this extraordinary shared use, car-free bicycle path. His vision has helped elevate Tucson as the greatest biking destination in the world today. In addition to helping cycling, this bike path has made Tucson cleaner and increased transportation efficiency, while increasing value of real estate. Homes are often worth 15 percent or more depending on their location to The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop.

The value of The Loop cannot be underestimated or fully understood. Tucson has risen greatly in stature and tourism is booming as The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop has become Tucson’s number one attraction. The idyllic community of Oro Valley – nestled against The Catalinas – has people from all over the world traveling and starting their cycling and hiking vacations based around The Loop. Oro Valley has even become the top retirement destination for cyclists in North America. The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop is a remarkable accomplishment that our community has great pride in. And Chuck Huckelberry – and others – deserve terrific credit.

He has been an advocate of The Loop since the 1980s. The Pima County Board of Supervisors voted in 2018 to name The Loop in his honor. Job well done.
What else do I need to know before I experience The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop?

Here are some things to keep in mind before you start your Loop cycling vacation experience.

  1. Be kind and courteous to other people on The Loop. Say hello with a smile. Stay to the right, except when passing. Choose to enjoy the laughter of children. Encourage other people on the path: “I love your hat” or “Your baby is so sweet!”
  2. Keep the paths clean and beautiful. Do not leave anything on the path or trails. Pick up and properly dispose of litter and pet waste. Participate in community volunteer days or bring a trash bag and clean up on your own.
  3. Stay safe and be prepared. Protect yourself with light layers, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Bring plenty of water. However, there are plenty of water stops. Walk, run, or jog with a friend or family member, when possible. Always tell someone where you are going and for how long.
  4. Be happy. You are enjoying the greatest place on earth! Notice the blossoming flowers, the towering saguaros, the interesting architecture, the majestic mountains, the sparkling sunshine, and the fresh air. Tucson is a beautiful place to work, play, and live. And Tucson/Oro Valley, Arizona is the greatest place in the world today for cyclists, hikers and those who have an appreciation for the desert.
  5. Have a great time and discover Oro Valley and Tucson, Arizona – Biking Capital of The World!

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