Is Tucson, Arizona Bike and Cycling Friendly?

Yes! In fact, armed with the 131 mile CAR-FREE shared use/bike path, Tucson, Arizona is the greatest and most bike friendly big city in the USA. Tucson is widely considered as the “Biking Capital of the World” by top biking magazines and media outlets like BikeArizona.org and Cycling Magazine. USA Today has declared The Chuck Huckelberry Tucson Loop as the number one bike trail in America.

Among many great accolades Tucson receives for cycling, Tucson is a gold-level bike-friendly city, according to the League of American Bicyclists.

Tucson is the number one road biking destination for tourists in the world today. With unlimited sun, dry air, tremendous road cycling and climbing rides like Mt. Lemmon, Mt. Graham, Madera Canyon, Kitt Peak and more, Tucson is the top cycling destination by professional cyclists such as Lance Armstrong.

More than just road biking and cycling, Tucson and Southern, Arizona has become a top 10 mountain and gravel biking destination as well.

BikeArizona.org, cycling portal site of The Arizona Bicycle Association, says Tucson is the “fastest emerging off-road biking hot spot” in the country today. Wow! How can it get better? Tucson offers the incredible and unique mix of cycling safety, great mountain scenery, great weather much of the year and the best variety of road and off-road biking in the world today.

Tucson/Oro Valley – America’s Top Cycling Retirement Destination

Need further proof of the greatest of the cycling popularity of Tucson? Tucson and suburbs of Marana and Oro Valley have now collectively become the top the retirement destination area in the United States.

And those of you who are just into recreational biking, there is nothing like the Tucson Loop – 131 miles of CAR-FREE fun!

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Tucson, Arizona is America’s Best Cycling Friendly City

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