How many miles does the Oro Valley/Tucson Loop Span?

The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop shared use bike path extends over 130 car free miles throughout unincorporated Pima County, Marana, Oro Valley, Tucson, and South Tucson. Add on more if you start at Catalina State Park.

Family friendly things to do in Tucson? Is the Oro Valley/Tucson Loop Bike Path Family Friendly?

Very! In fact, The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop Bike Path is the starting point of the best family oriented and fun things to do in Tucson! The Oro Valley side is the least trafficked side and the most scenic. Park at Catalina State Park and start your family with a great hike or bike ride then head to The Loop. There are plenty of places to eat and great coffee at Savaya Coffee Oro Valley.

Use our interactive map and pick a great park to spend time! We love Brandi Fenton Park on the north central side of The Loop. There are unlimited parks on The Loop or very close. Fun things for families in Tucson? The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop is the starting point. Discover our great art, parks, biking opportunities. And check out our fantastic murals at: www.tucsonaz.gov/muralmap.

Best family things to do in Tucson? Tucson Loop rules!

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