Can I walk on The Tucson Loop? Walking Huckelberry Loop

Can I walk on The Tucson/Huckelberry Loop?

Yes! You can certainly walk on The Tucson Loop! You can run, ride bikes (ebikes/electric bikes included), skate board, ride a horse, roller blade on the incredible Tucson Loop shared use bike path system.  The Tucson Loop is the number  one rated  USA Today’s 2022 “10Best Readers’ Choice List” for Best Recreational Trail.

While The Tucson Loop is most famous for cycling, The Loop is indeed a shared use trail that is most frequented by pedestrians, walkers and especially runners. Runners of all levels enjoy The Loop! Road cyclists are quite respectful. Runners flock to our trail because it is mostly smooth asphalt with short portions of The Loop being concrete.

BikeArizona.org staff writer Jay Headblade says runners and cyclists mix very well on The Tucson Loop.

“I find that people skateboarding or biking have a mutual respect for each other. There is such a wonderful, communal vibe on The Huckelberry Loop.”

The most popular Loop sections to run and walk are the central Rillito River section as there are many restaurants, coffee-shops, hotels and plenty of things to do in Tucson. You can rent bikes on the Tucson Loop as well.

Triathlete Gary Gibbs of Oswego, Illnois says, “The Tucson Loop is incredible places for runners of any level to enjoy. With a plethora of Loop water and restrooms in the Rillito/central area, you can go running during the cooler months without having to carry a water pack. During the summer, just one water bottle will do.”

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