Go Coffee Hopping on The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop!


The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop has four great coffee shops



TUCSON, ARIZONA, Cycling – Some of the very best Tucson coffee shops are located on or very close to The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop Bike Path. Some serious Tucson coffee lovers even enjoy “cycling coffee hopping tours” to break up their rides. Here are the TucsonLoop.org “Best” coffee shops on our incredible loop bike path system.


Savaya Coffee Market Oro Valley– On The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop

Located just behind La Encantada Apartments on Oracle Road, Savaya is a full scale, fair trade roastery offering delicious coffee, cappuccino and more. Savaya has five locations throughout town, but it’s their Oro Valley location that is the most idyllic. Sit outside and you will feel like you can reach out and touch the beautiful Catalina Mountains. When riding on The Loop, look for La Encontada Apartments and look for an exit. Savaya is behind The Loop. They are a little challenging to find, but well worth it. This place is all about the coffee. No Gatorade and really not much to eat.


Presta Coffee Roasters – Mercado San Agustin (located off the Congress Exit)

Presta is another fantastic local coffee roaster and there is no coffee joint in Tucson more popular with the cyclists. Presta has a large outdoor seating area in Mercado San Agustin that is regularly flooded with the yellow jackets. This spot is centrally located just a quarter of a mile west of the Congress Exit.

Mercado San Agustin is an eclectic little plaza with some really cool shops and eateries and a dynamite Taco place called Seis Kitchen. La Estrella is a great bakery. And right next to Presta is a great ice cream/ raspaderia shop. La Estrella offers fresh-squeezed juices, ice cream, fruit salads and of course….snow cones!


Ren Coffeehouse – North Central Loop Bike Path – St. Phillips Plaza


Ren Coffeehouse offers awesome food and coffee and is on The Loop!

This little coffeehouse is a real Tucson treasure. Cyclist Lisa Ocker started this shop, recognizing cyclists needed a north central Loop location coffee and rest stop. And what a job she has done! More than just a coffeehouse, cyclists can enjoy delicious locally roasted coffee, pastries baked in-house from scratch, an assortment of gluten-free options, and fresh organic ingredients in their full breakfast and lunch menu.  Their coffee of choice is from local roastery Yellow Brick Coffee – very tasty!

This shop – unlike the other coffee shops above – REALLY caters to cyclists offering a wide array of beverage options, including powerades, juices and more. The food is terrific and they have a very nice outdoor patio. Ren Coffee is located in The St. Phillips Plaza and this is the center point of The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop.


Ren Coffeehouse has a cozy outdoor seating area.

Cafe Luce – Just off The Loop – North Central

Located very close to The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop bike path near the St. Phillips Plaza, is Cafe Luce. They offer a modern, bi-level counter-serve featuring gourmet coffee, plus sandwiches, vegan eats and cocktails. They offer good coffee and eats. They have come under fire from tourists and cyclists for promoting racial political propaganda.

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