Are there mile markers along The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop Bike Path?

The entire trail is marked via GIS mapping on the Pima County-Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation Loop Interactive map.

This map has many fields and features including mile markings down to .25 miles. Part of the problem with physically marking all stretches of the Loop is the fact it follows several water courses (Santa Cruz, Rillito, CDO, Julian Wash, Pantano, etc.) in several jurisdictions (Marana, Oro Valley, City of Tucson, City of South Tucson, Pima County). Likewise, many sections of the path are only on one side, not both sides, of the riverbed. The Loop Advisory Committee meets several times a year and has continued to debate the topic of marking the path.

We would like to see more physical mile markers on this path. Please enjoy the TucsonLoop.org interactive map that will help you find almost anything you need to plan your Tucson Loop cycling vacation experience.

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