What sections of The Tucson Loop bike trail are safest?

The safest areas areas for cycling, walking and general pedestrian areas of The Tucson/Huckelberry Loop bike paths are: The Oro Valley/CDO/Marana sections Oro Valley and Marana are beautiful suburbs. Both cities are ranked as the safest communities in the United States. This is a very affluent and fast growing area that has become a cyclist […]

The Tucson Loop is lauded as a very safe trail system.

Safety On The Tucson Loop: How safe is The Tucson Loop? So just how safe is The Tucson Loop? The Tucson Loop is 131 (and counting) miles of of paved path that is vital to the transportation and recreational needs of many. The Loop is overall a very, very safe place to enjoy. During daylight hours […]

Can I walk on The Tucson Loop? Walking Huckelberry Loop

Can I walk on The Tucson/Huckelberry Loop? Yes! You can certainly walk on The Tucson Loop! You can run, ride bikes (ebikes/electric bikes included), skate board, ride a horse, roller blade on the incredible Tucson Loop shared use bike path system.  The Tucson Loop is the number  one rated  USA Today’s 2022 “10Best Readers’ Choice […]

Oro Valley/Tucson Loop founder: Who is Chuck Huckelberry?

Chuck Huckelberry is considered the leading advocate of our incredible Oro Valley/Tucson Loop. A civil engineer and the current County Administrator of Pima County, Huckelberry is a man who had an incredible vision of building this extraordinary shared use, car-free bicycle path. His vision has helped elevate Tucson as the greatest biking destination in the […]

Is it possible to camp anywhere along The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop?

Yes, there are some excellent camping and RV park opportunities near The Tucson Loop! In fact, there are many Tucson Loop camping options. Catalina State Park, Oro Valley Catalina State Park in beautiful Oro Valley is the best option for Tucson Loop camping. Catalina State park is about 500 yards from the Oro Valley CDO […]

Are there trash cans along The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop?

Yes. You will find trash cans at numerous stops and trails along the route. Be sure to properly dispose of all trash (especially pet waste) in these containers and do not litter along the paths. Tucsonans are quite proud and protective of our clean and wonderful city.

Are there good coffee shops on The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop?

There are! Savaya Coffee is just behind The La Encontada Apartments that is ON The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop in Oro Valley. They only offer coffee and not much else. Ren Coffee is on The Loop next to Homewood Suites. This is an aaaaaaaaaaawesome coffee shop, place to eat and drink. They also serve beer. We […]

Are there places to eat on The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop?

Yes! In Oro Valley, The Oro Valley Market Place offers Olive Garden. For great burgers we recommend Legends in the Omni Resort golf course. When you see their golf course, exit and bike on their golf cart ramp heading north and you will go right to their restaurant. Best place to eat on The Loop? […]

Are there places to get water on The Loop?

The Oro Valley/Tucson Loop is a one water bottle ride (except for the summer). You can ride this system because there are numerous bathrooms and parks (over 50) where you can get water. And there are many convenience stores, restaurants and businesses on the path – or just off the path.

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